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The Good Husband
Dav2, 12 сентября 2019 г., 10:52
A group of men where in the sauna of a club, when suddenly a cell phone that was on one of the wooden benches starts ringing.
One of the men attending answers:
- Hello?
- Are you in the sauna?
- Yes
- I'm in front, in a magnificent mink shop... beautiful!!!
Can I buy it?
- How much does it cost?
- $ 1,500 nothing more...
- Well, okay, buy it if you like it...
- Ahhh, and I just went through a Mercedes dealership and saw the last
It's fantastic. I spoke with the seller and he told me that he'll make us a friendly price...
- How much is the price for a friend?
- My love it's only $ 60,000...
- Well, as we have money to spend... OK but for that price
I want it with all optional.
- And listen to me... before cutting... another little thing...
- What?
- This morning I was in front of the Real Estate and saw that the house we
saw last year... it's on sale. Do you remember? That pool, garden and barbecue area, completely isolated in front of that magnificent beach!
- How much are they asking for?
- Only 450,000 dollars... amazing, no?
-Well, as we still don't have any homes, you can buy it. But pay maximum 420,000 dollars,Okay?
- Okay my love... Thank you... bye!!! I love you!!!!
- I love you too...
After cutting the man goes to the group of friends and shouts:
- Whose phone is this?

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