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AFC Asian Cup 2019: The tallest and shortest teams in the competition
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The AFC Asian Cup 2019 is all set to get underway come January, and fan excitement is at an all-time high. Considering how much there is to look forward to this time around, we decided to delve a little deeper to see how the teams are shaping up for the competition. 

Some squads appear to be strength-based and would do well with their tall players, while others are quicker and are dependent on their shorter players with a low center of gravity. Either way, the possibilities are endless.

We have compiled a list of tall and short teams in the Asian Cup based on the average height of individuals in the team, and the results look something like this (from shortest to tallest):

#1 Vietnam (Average height: 1m 75cm)

The reigning AFF Suzuki Cup Champions are a small team in stature, and depend on the low center of gravity of their players to get ahead of the opposition. They have done it in the past, and look set to do it again. For reference, Nguyen Van Quyet is only 170 cm tall!

Nonetheless, Vietnam still go in to the tournament with all the momentum in the world.

#2 Yemen (Average height: 1m 75cm)

Yemen go in with a short squad of their own as they attempt to take on the might of some of Asia’s top footballing nations. They are debuting in the AFC Asian Cup and will look to take their good form from the qualifiers into the tournament.

Their squad is short however, with an average height of just 1m 75cm overall. With a short group, they may face trouble against the big boys in the competition.

#3 Qatar (Average height: 1m 77cm)

The Qataris know they will be a part of the 2022 World Cup as the host nation, but face a tough ask in the AFC Asian Cup 2019 owing to a relatively inexperienced group of players.

They won’t be aided much by a relatively shorter squad averaging a mere 1m 77cm in height. Against imposing sides such as South Korea and Iran, this could become an issue.

#4 Saudi Arabia (Average height: 1m 77cm)

After a thrashing in the first match of the World Cup in Russia against the hosts, Saudi Arabia showed improvement, and the Saudis have a chances at the Asian Cup too if they can continue their good work.

With a short yet determined bunch of players, these boys from Arabia could just upset the odds and go far in the competition. Albeit with an average height of just 1m 77cm.

#5 Oman (Average height: 1m 77cm)

The reigning Gulf Cup Champs go into the Asian Cup with tons of confidence and lots of belief. Don’t be fooled by the 1m 77cm average height statistic here, the Omanis are a committed bunch.

The Group D qualifying winners have an outside chance of going far in the competition even with a squad full of short players and are capable of running riot.

#6 Kyrgyz Republic (Average height: 1m 77cm)

The Central Asians are also appearing in the competition for the first time, and stand a chance to impress. They don’t however, possess a very tall group of players.

An average height of 1m 77cm could be an issue in UAE, but their strength could still come into play and be a major factor at the Asian Cup.

#7 Bahrain (Average height: 1m 78cm)

The former semi-finalists at the Asian Cup know that they have the necessary personnel to go the distance at the Asian Cup, but with an average height of 1m 78cm their stature could prove a hurdle.

Nonetheless, strength in numbers could be an aid and Bahrain may go far in the tournament.

#8 Jordan (Average height: 1m 78cm)

Joining Bahrain with the same average height of squads in the tournament is Jordan, who also have an average height of 1m 78cm at the Asian Cup.

The Group C winners have made it to the quarter-finals of this tournament in the past, and have the goods to do even better this time around.

#9 UAE (Average height: 1m 78cm)

The host nation is up next on our list, with UAE also emerging with 1m 78cm as their average height. The hosts aren’t here to simply make up the numbers, and want to win on home soil.

Whether they can or not, depends on whether their moderately tall squad can come up with the necessary goods on the day.

#10 DPR Korea (Average height: 1m 79cm)

It is a third consecutive appearance for DPR Korea at the Asian Cup, and the experience of playing World Cup football would have helped the North Koreans greatly.

They may not be favourites to win this tournament, but with a decently tall squad, they may have the ability to use set pieces well.

#11 Japan (Average height: 1m 79cm)

Japan are in this tournament to win, there is no question. They performed admirably at the World Cup earlier this year, and go in with some confidence.

1m 79cm is the average height of the squad, but they do possess some brutes in their team too, so trust the Japanese to be all in from corners and free-kicks.

#12 Thailand (Average height: 1m 79cm)

Thailand were one of the tallest teams at the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018, but couldn’t go on to win the tournament again as their fans would have wanted.

Nonetheless, they are moderately tall compared to the other big guns of the tournament, and possess some giants of their own to hold them in good stead come January.

#13 Philippines (Average height: 1m 79cm)

Philippines couldn’t do enough in their attempt to win the AFF Suzuki Cup either, but the Azkals remain confident heading to UAE.

They, like Thailand, have an average height of 1m 79cm and possess the goods to mount at least a decent challenge at the Asian Cup.

#14 Iraq (Average height: 1m 80cm)

There is no doubt about it. Iraq are a big squad. They aren’t afraid to head the ball and make a couple tackles. This should help them in the Asian Cup too.

An average height of 1m 80cm is impressive and their footballing pedigree makes them a threat in any major tournament.

#15 India (Average height: 1m 80cm)

Qualifying was hugely impressive from the Blue Tigers, and India go in to the Asian Cup knowing they can upset the odds. The team under Stephen Constantine has come a long way, and they appear to have grown in height too.

1m 80cm is a decent height and though captain Sunil Chhetri isn’t the tallest man, his team can consider themselves physically able.

#16 Syria (Average height: 1m 80cm)

Syria were a surprise at the World Cup qualifiers and will be one of the teams to watch out for at the Asian Cup too. They have a decent average height as well at 1m 80cm and can beat the best on their day.

Syria will know they need to be at their best though, or could come under heavy pressure from the opposition which could be hard to handle.

#17 Australia (Average height: 1m 81cm)

Australia are defending Champions, and have the depth to win this time too. The Socceroos will give it their all yet again, and have a big team to get there too.

They aren’t the tallest bunch at the tournament, but the Aussies are certainly physical and could have that in their favour in UAE.

#18 Turkmenistan (Average height: 1m 81cm)

Turkmeni football has grown leaps and bounds lately, and the nation which made their debut in 2004, will aim to have this one go longer.

They have a big squad at an average height of 1m 81cm and will want this to help them in UAE.

#19 Lebanon (Average height: 1m 81cm)

Lebanon easily won Group B, and enter the Asian Cup full of belief. They have a tall squad at 1m 81 cm again, and can be a team to look out for.

#20 Uzbekistan (Average height: 1m 81cm)

Uzbekistan won the AFC U-23 Championship and their bold squad could surely pull some punches at the Asian Cup in UAE.

An average height of 1m 81cm is impressive too, so watch out for the Uzbekis.

#21 Palestine (Average height: 1m 82cm)

2015 wasn’t great for Palestine as they were knocked out in the group stage of the Asian Cup. This time around though, an average height of 1m 82cm could aid their revival and take them far in the competition.

#22 People’s Republic of China (Average height: 1m 82cm)

China have a chance this time, having finished runners-up twice in the past. Expect the tall side of an average height of 1m 82cm to surely be good in the air.

Footballing wise too, China have improved and have a real chance to win in UAE.

#23 Korea Republic (Average height: 1m 83cm)

Probably one of the best sides from a pure footballing point of view, South Korea are one of the favorites owing to their performances this year.

With Son Heung-min among the team, the height of 1m 83cm coupled with silky football could take them far.

#24 Iran (Average height: 1m 84cm) 

Iran would be buoyed by their experience in the World Cup earlier this year, and under Carlos Quieroz, the team looks ready to take on the best.

The tallest squad at the tournament is willing to go all the way based on their strength and sheer passion for winning. 

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