Галагазета | Version 9.4
Version 9.4
kaioduartycost, 22 апреля 2019 г., 12:26
Version 9.4 was one of the versions that was more in the visual and in the dynamics of the application, the new version very pleased the users who noticed the change as a sign of improvements in the constant development in Galaxy.

In this version they took fully into consideration the requests of the users, which made this version perfect.

Some in-app processes have been added to make it easier and faster, and they've introduced some new features to the interface. They are:

 1. 16 new emojis were specially designed for this update based on requests from galaxians. Two more were added with emotions.

 2. Animated auras were created for Guardians and Emperors. They can be disabled in the aura store settings.

 3. Thunder and fog were added to the planet's climate. Snow and rain were improved.

the Galaxy team is dedicating itself and giving 100% of itself to please all users!
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