Галагазета | You're worth more than you think.
You're worth more than you think.
Zyra`, 14 октября 2019 г., 11:33
It was an uneventful day when our professor came in. Carefully, he put his books down on his table.

''Class, we're not having a discussion about our discussion today. Instead, I want to leave you a lesson.'', he said with a stoic expression. 

He pulled out something from his pocket, ''Here I have a one-thousand peso bill.'' We all put our attention to him, obviously interested.

''If I drop it to the ground, will you pick it up?'', he dropped it and we all said ''Yes sir.'' in response.

He nodded and picked up the money. ''What if I crumple it and drop it, will you pick it up?'' He did the same and received the same response.

Our professor scratched his chin and thought for a bit. ''If I crumple this, leave it torn and dropped this one-thousand peso bill in the dirt, are you still going to pick it up?'' And again, we said 'yes' in unison.

''Kindly explain us why are you still willing to pick it up.'', he looked around the room and pointed to one of our classmates who raised her hand. ''Yes, Mr. Reyes?''

''Sir, it still costs one-thousand, which is a huge amount of money. I can still use it to buy something I want even though it's dirty or a bit torn.'' my classmate explained.

''Okay, sit down. Now do you get what I want to teach you?'', he smiled, looking amused. ''You are like this one-thousand peso bill, all of you. In life, there'll be problems that seem endless or impossible to overcome. You'll commit mistakes. There's a lot of people that will belittle you. Those experience will let you down, make you feel torn, but still you shouldn't feel worthless.''

''I already saw a lot of my students lose hope and confidence in themselves. But like this one-thousand peso bill, you still have your worth. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Keep on believing in yourself, you're worth more than you think you do.''
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