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The Last Farewell
kaioduartycost, 31 октября 2019 г., 11:04
November 7, 1942
(Second World War)

Nobody fears leaving until their last goodbye. Nobody fears death until their last day. And nobody fears saying goodbye until they are covered with earth.

My father went to a war he did not belong to, which he could not prevent, that he could not advance without first thinking of retreating. And for one last second he said goodbye to me.

I see him in a beautiful satin suit, with a bitter rose on his chest, an inner ache, and the regret that he could not have given his son the last kiss.

I will never forget that day. A well dressed military man with a straight face, clear eyes, and a smile on his face saying to me ''Son I will return. I saw him come back, a scarred soldier, hand over a letter and look into my wordless eyes''.

''The Ministry of War thanks the soldier and his family for their time of service during the war.''

This simple phrase has shaken us for days, months and weeks. Then, 3 years later, as everyone celebrated, I rested in tears remembering when I saw my father carry me on his shoulders, kiss me, and say ''I love you above all and everyone.''

I always thought I would have it for the rest of my life, but life is like a breath and one day it will go away. She doesn't warn, she doesn't send a message, and there's no second chance with her, never.

I will not see him at my graduation, I will not see him at my wedding, he will not tell stories to my grandchildren let alone relieve me with a good conversation.

I see a lot of people scold and mistreat their parents for not taking a game, for not buying expensive things, for not being able to do many things, for not allowing certain things.

And I would even trade my own life so that I could just have one last word with my father, but there is no second chance with death let alone life.

So I ask you, do you think a joke, a minute or a mere thousandth of a second is more important than the person who is dedicated to you each day?

Think. For at some point you will lose who least expects, and there is no clock for life.


**This narrative is fictional, and facts narrated in it may not correspond to actual facts.**

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