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Imperfect Proposal
Attitude, 22 апреля 2019 г., 11:43
Five minutes to eleven he noticed as he rolled his wrist, Eyes still fixed on railway track,
In anticipation of a train that carried his dream
About to turn in to reality after 6 months he recalls!

As he stood there with the black blazer folded over his arm, Hair well set, Eyes sharp still wet White shirt all tucked in, all those letters he made but kept for himself.
And the red roses that she loves held against his chest,
Still manages to confirm if the ring he got for her is still in his pocket
There he was to ask her to make him complete, the day for which he has waited so long.

Then arrived the train, excitement overwhelmed, he could listen the rhythm of his heart pounding People rushing for their seats in train, Station all crowded,
Looking around for her he accidentally collided
Letters flew of the hand, falling all over the place
Off he went picking em all, forcing himself in between the crowd going amok.
Making sure she has to read everything he wrote,
Few words fallen over the track and a few went along the moving crowd.

Amidst all the chaos he realized train started to move,
Where is she? He looked around, worried, Things had gone wrong.
Running he went, looking all around , and there she stood, for his surprise
All the while, looking at him lost in an attempt to make her feel special.
Why not? Gorgeous she was, sublime her beauty,
Her eyes could speak, as she wiped a drop of tear from the edge.

Where are the roses, the ring , his coat! It’s just him with crumpled papers in hand.
There was no rain, wind did not blow her hair,
There was no music in background,
No red gown no black suit,
No flowers no Ring,
Neither did he go on his knees, nor he kissed her hand.
No words said, no greetings exchanged.
But still that was an ‘Yes’ from her, by now he knew
The Proposal has been already done! 
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