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Want to Blow your Life Away?
Zisel`, 4 марта 2019 г., 20:28
Smoking is a clear sign of the smokers ingratitude to God for His precious gifts - life and health. An irresistible temptation it defies all awareness and good sense leading one to the clutches of an irresistible addiction. 

It weakens the mind and will power. It is slow poisoning giving birth to a number of dangerous diseases, a fact confirmed by scientists. It develops high blood pressure, causes inflammation of throat and windpipe, and exposes smokers to cancer of lungs. Smoking causes air pollution. 

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My dear young friends, rise above the temptation, defy the urge, and understand that what appears harmless today may take away your life. You are squandering not only your money but your health and life as well. Do you want your talents, your abilities and your life, to go up smoke?

- Humiarah Khan
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