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I am a Lady
Zisel`, 9 марта 2019 г., 21:36
The eyes are an ocean, in which her dreams are reflected. Her charm is commendable of essence, which she upholds in her heart. Her glamour renders you ecstatic. Each step of hers leaves your heart throbbing and that smile leaves you delighted. 

The poise endorses her dignity and that undeviating look leaves you thrilled. So many phases of life, those wonderful sunrises, the heartbroken evenings, the playful days but did she ever leave you alone? 

Wasn’t she the one who added a smile to your broken days, wasn’t she the one who amalgamated your shattered hopes? It’s so natural, that you fall for her. It’s bound to happen. 

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And in the moment, you end up assuring her your love. Sitting this moment I wonder, falling in love is easy but holding on is difficult. Promising is easy, fulfilling is hard. Commitment might be a word for you but you will never know how many hopes she tied to your words. 

How many dreams she linked with your promises and how hurt she was when you didn’t hold on to her dreams. When you left her alone in tears, somewhere you were aware but you ignored her pain. And just recall, did you both really sleep that night?

It’s a very basic question, why do we take so long to apologize, to realize our mistakes. Why?? Our ego does dominate our love? Why do we say something which we didn’t mean at all! Somewhere we know that finally we will end up together, still tears are everlasting, waiting for an initiative from someone else. Even if you are the one to apologize, why can’t it be a selfless deed? 

Your ego demands an appreciation. Doesn’t it? It isn’t easy. There are arguing and fighting, jealousy issues, trust issues; sometimes work or priorities get in the way. But when you find someone who means something to you, you learn to ignore all of that.

So take charge of your love, let it sprout and realize that she’s the one you need. Let your grounded feelings bud within you and remember everyone will always have that one person, and the long story that they can never truly explain.

by Humiarah Khan
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