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Memorable Journey With My Best Friends
The_Gamer, 27 марта 2019 г., 21:48
Nothing has changed me more than my educational trip this school year. Excited and thrilled to go to Venice Grand Canal in Taguig and to other itineraries. I eagerly packed all my precious belongings in my backpack. The big day finally came, and I eagerly boarded the bus with my classmates and teacher. As we’re on our journey for our first destination which is the Pasig Rainforest, every student has their own plan how to spend the day worth and memorable. I decided to spend my day with Pat and Lady as the remaining days in school keeps on approaching us. 

We happily travelled early in the morning and the first destination was in Pasig Rainforest, it was early in the morning when the bus arrives and every student seem so excited and ready to explore the place. We had a tour guide and his name is Jhong. He takes us in every corner of Pasig Rainforest and it was so propitious. Everything is so beautiful and fantastic and it feels that we’re in a movie set of Alice in Wonderland. My favorite attraction place is the botanical garden which features a flower park and a butterfly pavilion.
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After the endless walk with Kuya Jhong in Pasig Rainforest, it’s finally over 
and it’s time to return in bus for the next destination. Presidential Car Museum was the second destination and it doesn’t excite anyone in the bus because it’s all about history. But for me, visiting museums is always a great way to discover a country’s rich culture. And also these vehicles are important historical artifacts that could give us a new insights on our history and former leaders. It was the most boring itinerary among the rest. There’s nothing to do there but to take photos for remembrance. 
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One of the exciting part in this trip is the place of art. Everyone is so obsessed to go there because it was absolutely love art in general, so this was like an art amusement park for me as everything was 3D and interactive. The moment we arrived at the Art in Island, I see the excitement in the eyes of every students and it excite me as well. It was full of 3D art which is commonly known as illusion art. Every corner of Art in Island was occupied by students who’s taking pictures with their crazy poses. The trip was so worth and I have taken so many photos that makes my storage full.   
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It feels like the time allotted for Art in Island is incommensurate but it’s fun and I’m so happy to witnessed such a wonderful artwork. The last destination was in Venice Grand Canal, Taguig. The place was inspired by one of Italy’s most romantic cities, Venice Grand Canal has elevated the shopping and lifestyle scene in the Philippine with it's uniquely Italian sights and sounds, and dining experience. Every corner of this place is fantastically beautiful and it’s incredibly difficult to resist taking photo every moment. We roam the place for almost 2 hours and it was so memorable to spend time there with my friends Pat and Lady. 
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This journey was so memorable for me, not because of the scenery places but because I spent the whole day with my best friends. We made memories that will lives forever, and this moment will never come again.

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