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HEARTILY Misunderstanding
Zisel`, 22 января 2019 г., 5:52
Heart! What comes to our mind as soon as we hear this magical word is the 'lub dub' sound of the heart beat and also the emotions like love, hatred and such other emotions. 

Most of them believe that heart controls our emotions. Love is one such emotion which is often mistaken to be controlled by heart. Just for the matter that lovers represent their love by drawing a heart with an arrow in between their names, we can't accept that love is really related to the heart.

'Heartbroken', this is often said by a person who just broke up with his/her lover. But in reality, it doesn't make any sense at all. Can we blame the president of the nation for some minor crime committed by a common man of that nation.

Likewise, we can't relate love or any such emotions with the heart. It is very true that we are no longer alive if the heart stops pounding. But the same heart has nothing to do with the emotions. May be the belief that the emotions are generated in the heart came into existence when they were told in some emotional scenes of one our favourite movies. 

After all we need to make sure that we forget those baseless acts which are just meant for entertainment and also not compare those imaginary stories with our real life.

Science has proved that heart is an important organ of our body which just pumps blood to all parts of the body and has nothing to do with emotions.

Emotions are purely related to the mind or the brain. To be precise about emotions, it is nothing but the reaction of our mind.

When we face any circumstance, our mind analyses the conditions and judges it as good, bad, satisfactory and so on. And this judgement of the mind turns out to be an emotion.  

So in order to control the emotions, we need to control our mind. The control over our minds can be achieved by meditation which relieves and refreshes the mind.

So next time you are happy or sad, you need to come out of the imaginary world and think about the fact. You need not corner yourself and say that your 'heart is broken'. Instead you can sit down for two minutes and talk to your mind and try to build a strong mindset to face the upcoming challenge in your life. 

Because it is well said by Helen Keller - ''Although life is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.''

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