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Life's All the Way From Your Eyesight
Zisel`, 22 января 2019 г., 6:00
Off course..! It's all the way long… Life's troublesome scenario…! Yet I wonder how could it just change with a cup of tea.. No wonder every step of life has a ''U'' turn with a crunch of unwanted raw stuff. Why couldn't it made a great one?

Yes..! Situation is all what it counts. Cracks in heart. Robbery of mind. Imaginary thoughts. Unconditional greediness. All that dwell in life's golden moments. Just a bit to destroy every step up… Pulls it down not to reach its eagle's sight..! Mind fluctuations.

Why not meant for a lovely person who endlessly cares..? Off course it is up to him that's all on his life's pathway.. Meant to break down every bit on his reluctant words.. Though it's not that difficult to keep up his promise made to his beloved.. Life's meant to bend on either way..!! It can kill you or lift you higher.. 

Possessiveness is all what it tells about.. Life's very catchy to get in with a firm thought.. Mind keeps distracted every second with a entry of a cannibal.. It can either suck or eat you up in all the ways without your presence of mind.. 

Life's all the way from your sight..!! Just depends on how you exactly feel through your naked eyes.. Countless heart beat as how it beats up almost the same step of life's interactions.. It's the flow that can turn up the wave to high or low tides.. 

Decisions are the must for every start of your convo.. Should move on a jerk or classy journey.. It's just the way it is.. The temptations.. The greediness'.. Real life's gonna start once you are caged in loneliness..

That weird imagination about life.. Meanwhile entry of a special princess.. All the way to rob your heart and your firm decision slides down as a drop of water.. Flip and get mixed up with emotions.. And that little poor girl left behind all the way waiting for your arrival. Life's actually blind.. 

Your thoughts are snowy flakes that automatically melts up.. And poor little thing.. Shouldn't she have any feelings..??Why such a cruel world.. Only love matters? Or your feelings count? It's every drop of your love that holds up tight.. Sucks the bad moments. Gives the sweetest fruit.. It's all about how you expect your decision to go on the flow of life's chariot.. 

Nevertheless your naked eyes get tempted to man's heartless love.. If you stay fixed why will it go to a desert where there's not a drop of flood?? Trustworthy love is better than temptation love.. for your feelings matter and not your kisses.. 

Buzzing of rumors can open your life's door but if your mind is on its firm clay it can just knock it out.. Make your life an amazing thread of experience.. A smooth way all along… yes..!! It's all about your eyesight on life that counts.. You are the rider to your own life's chariot.. It literally turns the way you handle it.. So be confirm with your fluctuations.. Never let it go without your control…

- Humiarah Khan

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