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The Terrible History of Unit 731 of the Japanese Empire Army
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The Second World War was full of horrors, where things happened that we often prefer not to think too often. The impression we sometimes have is that many of the countries were with hatred kept for years, waiting for the time to blow up and release the world chaos. Many of the bizarrices - almost all inhuman - www.fatosdesconhecidos.com.br/compared in the period, were made by the Japanese Imperial Army (Japan). It's time you learned the story of Unit 731.

The story

In an episode of World War II, which we call the Pacific War, Japan deferred several attacks on China. The consequences were gigantic, from a civil war in Japan to thousands of people starving to death on the streets. But none of these attacks was more brutal than the creation of Unit 731. At first it seemed innocent, being "just" another "research and public health agency." But later, the creation of the Japanese government proved to be a unit to study plagues, poisons, diseases and functioning of the human body.

It has become a factory of study, and breeding, of chemical and biological weapons. If that discovered inside had been applied at the time, it would have been able to destroy the entire population of the world, several times. But worst of all, Unit 731 is remembered because everything inside was done with tests on people, more specifically the Chinese prisoners. They were allowed to do tests on humans, even if they were fatal. About 10,000 people died in Unit 731. We put together the 4 most outrageous, and striking, tests performed there.


Physiologist Yoshimura Hisato of Unit 731 had a certain obsession with studying hypothermia. Every day he subjected the prisoners to put their limbs in icy baths until the arm or leg had frozen and a layer of ice had formed on the skin. It is said that when something hit these frozen limbs, it made a noise like when it hits a board.

After being frozen, he was reheating tests. Sometimes he did this by wetting the limb with hot water, others letting time unfreeze, to see how long the natural process would last.


Unit 731 was created with the intention of investigating diseases and injuries of soldiers in combat. At first, people volunteered for study - war fighters. When the soldiers began to become scarce, he began to use the Chinese prisoners. But over time, this has changed, to the point of committing vivisection, which is the act of observing lesions and diseases in living patients.

Vivisection, for example, is the practice of mutilating human bodies, without anesthesia, to study the operations of living systems. The organs were removed for examination before their owners died, in order to study the effects of the disease without the disease and the decomposition that occurs after death. Many died slowly, and when they were no longer useful, they were shot dead or even buried alive.

Weapon tests

The Japanese Imperial Army was testing with guns, and guess who? That's right, the prisoners. Nambu 8mm pistol, quick-action rifles, machine guns and grenades, all these weapons were tested on prisoners. Bayonets, swords and knives were also studied in this manner. Flamethrowers were tested on the skin of the prisoners.

Heavy objects were thrown at prisoners to study wounds by smashing, subjects were locked and deprived of food and water to know how long humans could survive without them


To test chemical and biological weapons, they infected several people with numerous diseases. Bubonic plague and pneumonia were distributed among people. To reproduce the most lethal diseases possible, doctors monitored patients for the rapid onset of symptoms and rapid progression. The prisoners who were arrested were shot, but those who became ill were bled to death, and their blood was used to infect other prisoners, of whom the sickest would be bled to transfer the disease forward, and so on.


To this day, Japan has never apologized for its acts and China has not forgiven the numerous atrocities that Japanese forces made in their territory between 1931 and 1945. As the last witnesses of this history have already aged and died, it is possible that the subject will never be addressed again.
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