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Music is in my blood. Music is not just a couple of words arranged to make pleasant combinations of sounds - it’s a different language. A language that’s there inside every person. It’s a language that gets both, the singer and listener so involved that they forget their surroundings.

When we listen to music, we’re in a world of our own created by music. Music has no boundaries. It can be sung by an American, Indian, African, Pakistani, Russian - anyone who enjoys and appreciates music. It can be of any genre -rock, pop, metal, and melody or any language - English, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish and so on..

When it comes to music the horizons are as vast as the universe! Music has the power to connect the world. To connect people from across the different continents, countries, states, cities, districts who speak different languages, have different cultures, follow different religions. 

Music can break all enmity, join any broken bond and heal the world. Music can play an imperative role in our life - a person cannot always be judged by his mannerisms or speaking skills, but his choice of songs can speak a lot about him. 

Each person will have their own collection of favorite songs. But the song most dear to them can keep changing with changes in their life.

Life never fails to surprise us and so does music. Like I said, the right song can do a lot to you. 

It can make you cry like you’ve never cried before:[
It can make you the happiest person on the earth:D
It can make you fall in love()
It can clear your mind:]
It can depress you and console you at the same time:-/:)
And also forget and forgive:sun:
''There is no end to what music can make you feel'' Trust me. Because, I’ve felt it and you will too.

I am sure there’s a song for each 
one of you out there. To all those who read this article. I would like to know which music lifts your mood and helps you to think positively?

- Humiarah
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