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Rise of the Machines
Zisel`, 21 сентября 2018 г., 13:32
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The world is changing at a rapid pace. Technologies that seemed impossible to imagine are now a part of our everyday lives. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is set to take over many jobs. This might seem too Sci-Fi but it is the truth. 

It may seem impossible to believe it now, but it is a high possibility. Today we can see AI detecting cancer, forecasting weather, driving cars and automating jobs which require routine and predictable human input.

If we look through the ages, our economies were initially based on the primary sector (farming, mining etc.), then later during the Industrial revolution countries started shifting towards a Secondary sector (Manufacturing, processing etc.) based economy. 

During industrial era, there was a notion that machines could cost jobs. However, this approach was wrong. 

Services sector jobs began to rise. Today most economies of the west are service-oriented economies. Later, when technologies like electricity arrived, people were worried about its impact. 

Electricity took some jobs but gave rise to a whole new economy. We can see the same with the rise of automobiles where it gave rise to suburbs which had a massive impact on the real estate scenario. 

All these scenarios basically say that new technologies gave rise to more jobs by killing some in the process.

Finally, the internet. The internet is the latest in this long list of disruptions. The list of businesses impacted by the internet is enormous. By the way Facebook has toppled countries (Arab Spring), how can companies stand a chance. AI, Machine learning etc. are all born out of the internet. 

Due to the internet, it has been possible to collect massive amount of data – which the machines learn from. 

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These new technologies are progressing everyday – with every key press, like, share, photos, videos, phone call, tweet etc. 

People have started cocooning themselves to the comfort of their home. Nobody knows what would happen next. 

Experts have predicted that the shift would be different this time. However, we are not going to see a future depicted in Hollywood where there are robots for everything. 

You could be sitting at your desk regulating robots or it could be the other way around. Get ready for a bumpy future!

- Humiarah
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