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Healing Touch of Flowers
Zisel`, 10 июля 2018 г., 10:19
Flowers are a beautiful gift from God to the universe. We use them  every occasion as gifts and to beautify our home and surroundings.

GERANIUM -  This will heal domestic conflict or trouble in the work place. Geranium will calm nervous tension and lift depression. It alleviates burns, cuts, bruises, acne and eczema.
Картинка №747

JASMINE - Good for bringing and promoting optimism, it alleviates depression, nervous exhaustion and doubts. It is also good for cramps, aches and skin problems.
Картинка №748

HYACINTH - This restores self-esteem and helps rebuild trust after betrayal. It is a natural sedative and releives depression. It is also an effective antiseptic.
Картинка №749

LAVENDER - A healing herb that promotes love, especially self-love and gentleness, happiness, health, guarding against cruelty and spite.
Medicinally, lavender relived stress and anxiety.
It will ease throat and chest conditions.
Картинка №750

LILY OF THE VALLEY - It restores happiness after sorrow or loss and is good for high blood pressure, breathing difficulties, and heart palpitations. It also relieves fluid retention.
Картинка №751

MARIGOLD - Fresh marigolds increase positive energies in a room or building; protective especially at night and in domestic matters, the flower help with stresses caused by legal problems. It is a good all-purpose healer, especially potent for all skin problems.
Картинка №752

NARCISSUS - It brings self-love and increases self-confidence and also enhances inner beauty and radiance. It relieves cough and cold and is a natural sedative, calming panic attack and preventing insomnia.
Картинка №753

PASSION FLOWER - A natural relaxant soothing anxiety and panic attacks, passion flowers helps to acknowledge and express strong feelings positively.
Картинка №754

ROSE - The ultimate gentle healing herb of love and reconcillation, medicinally it reduces stress and prevents insomnia, releives psychosomatic conditions, eating disorders and other addictions.
Картинка №755

VIOLET - A plan reliever, violet eases cough and cold. It also soothes the skin and eases dizzy spells.
Картинка №756

SNAPDRAGON - It reduces anger, especially directed inwards against the self; removes pain caused by over-tense muscles, stress and stiff joints.
Картинка №757
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