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Presence of Mind
Zisel`, 14 июня 2018 г., 12:06
Once there lived a scientist. He was very popular and famous for his intelligent seminar. Usually he will be going to seminar by car. 

His car driver will listen to the seminar topics. One day the scientist asked about his car driver. He replied that ''I can take better than you''. 

The scientist was shocked and asked, ''Are you joking?'' The driver said, ''Give me a chance to take the seminar''. Next day the scientist drove the car and the driver went as scientist. 

The driver started his seminar and explained briefly and clearly. The scientist was really proud of his driver. He cleared many doubts asked by the audience. At that time one person asked a critical question which was so difficult to explain. 

The scientist thought his driver would not be able to answer his question. Suddenly the driver who was acting as scientist said ''what a silly question you are asking. Even my car driver can answer it''. 

He asked the driver to explain it. The scientist answered the question. Every one appreciated the driver who acted as scientist.



- Humirah
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