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My hardworking Angel
mightygalaxian, 3 октября 2019 г., 8:37
In a land of virtuality ,without dusks and dawns.
With a God being favourable to all beings,
Made happiness and wellbeing in the planet.
The God din't know the hot wind of chaos
reaching all the citizens of the planets,
converted half of goodness into evil.
citizen cried and pleaded,
hoping for a better future.
The sounds of cry reached the heaven,
made the God restless and soon
he send an angel to the galaxy
to see their problems and worries.
But the angel was so kind and lovable,
that made God proud to sent her to citizens
to live as one of them, helping and caring for them.
And happy to say, this is my lovable angel,
who made the planet of hope
filled with peace and a lot silence and
giving a meditation feeling to visitors.
showering her divine smile across her pics,
made citizens happy and lovable.
The angel comes with reports
of all the Gods decisions to spread among people,
and working so hard to make galaxy a better place
and a good place filled with happiness and peace.
Working without limits non stop 
for the well being of citizens, 
created love and likeness for me towards her.
Later Realising the truth fact about love
made my heart melt like ice ,
to be the coldest water of friendship
never defined in any journals
made only for my lovable hardworking busy angel.


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