Галагазета | The rhythm of Askme
The rhythm of Askme
mightygalaxian, 14 октября 2019 г., 11:39
Ting ting ting..a sound just came,
ffr ffr fffr...the phone vibrates,
bling bling bling..a mail icon blinks,
tik tik tik..our heart beats fast,
check check check..curiosity builds,
loading loading loading..still circles,
circling circling and now it opens,
eyes are busy, brains run fast
clicks on the question..,
oh damn its Hidden:troll: ,
adrenaline rush,brains run fast,
fingers swiping qwerty's ,still isnt complete,
why should i care,the person is hidden,
still i care a lot bcoz its my reply,
full stop is placed,racing to submit
and ting ting ffr .u got my reply:D

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