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13 Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend
g948044901, 11 декабря 2016 г., 5:21
I've learned these and used some and it worked for me. Now I'm gonna share them with you to help you and your girlfriend!

#1 Talk about your future. Talk about your life, the things you want to do, your future goals and aspirations and other things along that line. Girls always like a guy who sees his future and works towards it. You can be spontaneous, fun and live for the moment, but as long as you have a focused life, she’ll be awed by your determination and will like you more.It’s an evolution thing. Men have a subconscious need to protect and hunt, and women need to feel secure and protect the young ones. It’s what evolution has taught us to do, and even though the roles have changed over the years, the things that attract girls to a guy hasn’t changed yet.

#2 Talk about her interests, her friends and her family. Ask her about her friends, her family and their lives, and have long conversations about her interests and the things she likes to do when she’s got time on her hands. Talking about your girlfriend’s interests will help her see that you’re genuinely interested in knowing everything about her and her life.And if you do meet her friends or family sometime, you’d know everything about them which will help you make all the right conversations with them and charm them in the very first conversation!

#3 Talk about her views on life. All of us have our own individual views about life. But yet, we don’t share them with everyone in the world. By finding out more about her views on life, you’ll understand her better and know more about what she wants to do in future and what her real goals in life are.

#4 Gossip. Daily gossip is something that’s always interesting, and she’ll be able to talk for a long time about things that are happening in her own life. Ask her about her work and her colleagues and everything else that goes on during her work hours.Talking about movies and shows on the television can be great gossip too. If both of you like the same movies or shows, both of you will have a lot of opinions and things to talk about for hours on end.

#5 Talk about your secrets. Everyone loves a good secret. Do you have a few secrets that you don’t generally tell everyone you meet? Then share that secret with her. It’ll flatter her and make her see that you trust her enough to share your deep secrets with her.And before you know it, she’ll start sharing her secrets with you, and become much more intimate with you.

#6 Your childhood and your past. Childhood memories are always fun to talk about and to listen, especially if it involves an embarrassing or funny incident. Talk about your first crush, your good looking teacher, the first time you got drunk or the time you did something silly. Your girlfriend will definitely have a good laugh and enjoy spending time with you.

#7 Vacations and date ideas. Talking about dates and holidays is always a fun time in a relationship. Most of us spend an entire year dreaming of the yearly vacation, or spend a whole week planning the next romantic date. So why not share your ideas with her?She’ll love talking about date ideas that interest her, especially when it comes to new movies, restaurants, and fun things to do together, be it planning a vacation together or coming up with ideas to spend the whole of Saturday together.

#8 Compliments and romance. Compliment your girlfriend about her dress or something special she did for you. Every girl feels appreciated and loved when she hears a genuine compliment from the guy she likes. Talk to her about how beautiful she looked on the last date, or how sweet her voice sounds over the phone.Good compliments always lead to better romance and more romantic conversations. Always remember to make your girlfriend feel loved and appreciated, and let her know just how special she is and how important she is in your life.

#9 Her passions. Talk about everyday things that interest her, be it shopping, cooking, gardening, blogging or anything else. Your girlfriend will feel wonderful to see that you’re really interested in talking about things that are close to her heart. But always remember to be genuinely interested in her passions, or you’ll just end up hurting her feelings.

#10 Naughty conversations. A big part of relationships is sexual chemistry and naughty conversations. Talk dirty to her or ask her a few naughty questions while texting each other or talking late into the night. She may blush or act coy, but she’d definitely love the sexual excitement you’re building in the conversation.

#11 Around the world. Be aware of the world around you, either by watching the news or reading the papers, and talk to your girlfriend about things that seem interesting. You’ll always have new things to talk about every day, and at the same time, you’ll also be able to discuss a lot of fun things that’ll help both of you understand the world around each other better. But remember to keep it light and easy, and avoid anything that’ll get heated up like politics or religion.

#12 Your life for the day. Generally, it’s the girls who talk more about their own day while the guys just listen. Guys never usually go into details unless they’re really comfortable with their girlfriend or have something to nag about.But trust me, the more you go into the little details about what you were up to that day, the more options you’ll have to build new conversations and hear her views about it.

#13 Talk about your fears. Girls love a guy who can open up and talk about his fears. By talking about your life’s dreams and your fears, you’ll make your girlfriend feel closer to you because you’re revealing your vulnerable side to her.If something bothers you or something has upset you, be it your friend or something at work, talk about it with your girlfriend. She’ll definitely be interested in it and would love to help you out too.
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