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Why a Girl May Refuse Foot-Fetish
g535242429, 22 июня 2016 г., 7:29
Girls' feet are beautiful. Well, OK, not ALL of them, but I like many girls' feet. The curves, the soft skin, and the fingers... many people, including yours truly, find them attractive. However, many girls for some reason or other refuse to engage in any kind of sexual activity involving their feet. Here, I'll try to present a few reasons I've heard from girls when they refuse to partake in foot-fetish on the receiving end. Some of these reasons are good reasons and should be respected, with others, there's a good chance a girl's opinion can be changed. So, let's get down to business!
1. That's perverse/weird!
 Can't say I've come across this reason very often because most people these days are open to experiments and the idea of sexual perversion between two consenting adults is becoming more and more obsolete. So, if you still feel that doing ''perverse'' things sexually makes you a worse person somehow - you really need to be more open-minded. It may bring more pleasure to you and your partner. Of course, if you feel such strong aversion to it that you can't even bring yourself to try it - don't. There's no point in forcing yourself through torture of something that disgusts you and your partner should be understanding of it.
 2. Feet are dirty!
 God knows I hate this one. Your feet are not dirty if you wash them. If you wash them, they will be no dirtier than your hands or any other part of body. Of course, you should make sure your feet are healthy, because your partner is likely to want to put them into their mouth. 
3. It tickles!
 This is a legit reason and laughing can really kill the mood and make your partner feel uncomfortable. I recommend, again, as with many sexual things, to learn your body. Your soles may tickle when your partner licks them, but your toes maybe just fine. The top of your foot is usually less sensitive. If you still feel ticklish, don't give up on foot fetish activities - they are not just oral stuff! Sympathetically suggest trying something else.
 4. I feel uncomfortable / totally dislike it. 
 This is another good reason not to do it. I've already said that if you are totally against it - say so to your partner. Nobody should force or coerce you into anything sexual if it's unappealing to you.
 5. I'm embarrassed!/I don't like my feet! 
 Don't be. For some reason many girls don't consider their feet sexy and these girls are so often wrong! If your partner suggests having some footsy fun but you just can't bring yourself to think of your feet as sexually appealing, start slowly. Start with a nice foot massage. Everybody likes a foot massage. Start with caressing legs (which are, for some reason, more widely accepted as objects of sexual desire) and move slowly down. The way to fight embarrassment is to take it slowly. I'm confident that a lot of ladies would actually enjoy foot fetish activities if they were guided into them steadily, step by step. 
Well, that is all for now. Please comment, tell me about your experience (or lack there of) and share your stories. 
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