Галагазета | A Simple Text Can Be Very Powerful!
A Simple Text Can Be Very Powerful!
g357176793, 19 марта 2016 г., 12:27
Try sending these to your loved ones and see what happens:

*Can’t wait to see you tonight in my bed!
*“Oh, baby” is all you’re going to hear tonight
*I want more of what you gave me last night
*I get butterflies every time when your crispy body is rubbed against mine
*Everytime you touch me you just leave me Breathless

 If you want to steam thing more try these texts: 
* I want to ride you all night long
*Babe I took a picture wearing my new underwear, do you want to see?
*How many orgasms do you think you can give me tonight?
*Your sexy, crispy body makes me want to explode
*I’m picturing your naked body right now and oh, baby, you are in trouble.
*I’m going to scream so loud tonight.

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