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Me and My Teacher Part 1
g813538032, 13 апреля 2013 г., 9:04
Let me first introduce the sexiest women I have ever seen in my life. She is Shruti Coreya. She was my class 12th English Teacher and a pretty good woman too. Her lips were the most sexiest things I had ever witnessed. 

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This incident took place when I was in 12th class in Goa. One fine day she came to our class in a black saari which almost gave every guy in our class a great erection. She asked us to submit a couple of assignments which were given a week before. Unfortunately I was not able to complete it. After class I went to her and said that I didnt bring it. She gave me a very strange look and said "It's ok". 

She asked me to submit those assignments that evening at her residence. I was pretty surprised and told her that I would submit it tommorow, but she disagreed. She said if I didnt submit them today I would have to write them 5 times and give her tommorow. Finally I agreed. After school I rushed home and started completing the work. In my mind I said that today was my worst day in life. But it was not to be.

At about 7:30 pm I finished my work and took my bike and flew like a bird to her home. I was in a hurry because I had promised my girlfriend that I would meet her at 8:30 pm. As I reached her appartment, I parked the bike and went to her flat. She was staying with her room-mate, but that day her room-mate was out.

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I rang the bell and the moment the door was opened, I couldn't take my eyes from the most sexiest women on the earth. She was in a dark red short top and black tight jeans. Her lips were red as ever and hair was hanging loosely. She gave an appealing smile that nearly made me forget about the date with my girlfriend. "Come in ..." she said very calmly with a very innocent smile. "Madam, were you about to go somewhere?" I asked. "No" she replied. "Ok give me your assignments. Let me check them" she said in a very cheeky voice. She checked and gave good remarks, even though I didn't write a couple of questions. "Rohan, will you have some tea?" she asked. I said "No thanks madam, a glass of water will do." As she went to the kitchen I was looking at her beautiful house decorated and maintained well. As I was looking at the show-case, I saw a CD named "BRENNA'S LUSTY DREAM"..

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To be continued in part 2...

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