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Me And My Teacher Part 2
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I was shocked as I knew that it was a porn flick. "You love watching movies Rohan?" uttered a sneaky voice from behind. She saw me holding the porn-flick. I was a little tensed and said "Yes". "Then sit a while, we''ll have a nice time" she said very cheekily. In a minute she took the CD from my hand and played it. I was right, it was a porn flick as it had a warning mesage earlier. "Do you have a girlfriend Rohan?" she asked me. "Yeah" I replied. "Oh, then you must not be a virgin by any means" she said. This statement of her's really got me in dual minds. Meanwhile the movie started and the first scene was a guy undressing a woman at her residence. "Have you done like this ever?" she asked. I said "I have not even kissed my girlfriend, she doesnt like it". She eagerly looked at me and asked "Do you mind doing that to me?". I was speechless. Utterly confused.

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But before I could do anything, she removed her top and hence revealed her lusty part. I couldn't resist myself. I approached towards her and kissed her on her lips. we did this for about 5 mins. Then I shifted my attention towards her chest and gently touched and softly I pressed her fruits and teased her. Then I encased them with my mouth with great intensity. "Great Rohannn... I am loving it....oh....you driving me crazy boy....." I then kissed her for a couple of minutes and then looked at her eyes.

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I asked her. "Madam, you really want some hardcore stuff?". She pulled my hair and said, "Call me Shruti, yes make love to me my honey."

I removed her jeans and those black panties. I couldn't believe she was not a virgin, but that only helped my cause, I kissed her in between the legs for a while and teased her a lot by my tongue. She pleaded with me to stop that and love her hard. "Please get inside me you idiot." I removed my pants and took my tool in my hand which already became a rock-solid member. I was at first afraid of inserting it as I had never done this before. But the way she was behaving, I gathered all my momentum and inserted my part into her. It was not that easy. "ahh.. yes..yes..yes......" she screamed. I loved her hard and harder and I realised that I was about to get tired. I removed my part and released myself on her belly and above.

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She loved it! She then kissed my part which really made me feel in heaven. She did that for some time and asked me to love her again. I did so and at last gave her a good relaxing moment After all this, I once again kissed her on her lips. She looked into my eyes and said.."I have been waiting for this night since many days".

I looked at the clock to get a shock of my life time, it was 11 o'clock, it was too late. Shruti then told me to call at my residence and say to my parents that I would sleep at my friends home. I did so and my parents agreed. I also called my girlfriend and said that I wasn't able to come. She was sad and said that she missed me a lot.

That night we slept together and talked to each other. Then, I  couldnt resist more and once again gave her a nice little orgasm.

Next day in the class, as she came she gave a smile at my face, even my friends were surprised. After the class she said to me in front of everyone.."Rohan, you did some blunders in your assignents, you come to my place this evening and rectify them". I have no time now". Even my girlfriend looked at me and asked "Rohan, why is she telling like that to come to her house?" I said "I have to practice a lot". Then I told my girlfriend about all that happened last night with Shruti. She was stunned. That evening I once again told my parents that I would sleep at my friends home and i went to Shruti's house and made a beautiful love, guess what, now even my orthodox girlfriend allows me to love her. Thanks all to that wonderful angel for a wonderful night...!!!

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