Галагазета | Screwdrivers, Covers and Deep Shelters
Screwdrivers, Covers and Deep Shelters
mightygalaxian, 29 октября 2019 г., 10:49
Day by day the same clock ticks,
day by day we human beings change,
but the main treasure is always hidden inside pants.
tunnels or sausages, the thing is private.
bathrooms are its stage and closets are floor,
day by day, swinging and pumping,
jerking and moving in special moods,
tunnels become deep, sausages become screwdrivers,
always looking for shelter to rest,
sausage meet tunnels, screwdriver meet holes,
the dam starts to open, water flows hard,
please jerk it hard... and take care of it,
ignoring it makes 9 month waiting useless,
heart is good, balls are good, still driver hasn't sheltered,
Sunny leone and mia khalifa became our goddesses,
showering powerhouse of energy to weak people,
our fountain is up, still no current to pump water,
jump on it, ride on it and switch on the current,
and let our fountain work nicely satisfying you highly,
like a seed to tree, I'm sure 9 months won't be a waste,
waiting for the practical results which is sure pass,
we make you fat, we shower proteins, if you gave shelter,
I'm sure the shelter walls will move, and we wash them.
Thinking and thinking, I opened my mouth,
imagination at its peak and pleasure in dreams,
still a virgin, but never my counted kids in dreams,
getting on and on with endless energy,
pumping and pumping until motor fuse blows out,
the powerhouse breaks and falls to sleep,
waiting for the next morning oh god I can't do it more,
more and more she yawns and mourns, 
oh baby oh baby. yea and yea, mm and mm,
but that's not a baby song, its a weep of power loss,
don't worry don't worry motor pumps till tank is empty,
never realizing water filling takes time oh my god,
night by night, the bed shakes and shakes,
one day it breaks, don't worry lets do on floor,
floors, walls and beds watching everything,
like a silent witness who is a mute,
beds are crying, pillows are weeping,
still the humans are enjoying,
don't do with sluts, the AIDS will come,
use condoms, and have it everyday,
do it safe and don't regret,
woman are not toys, so say no to violence,
no rapes, no abuse, no molestation,
make the world good and safe,
If you violate this, then go to jail,
Don't screw up your life, just do good and be good,
I am sure your sausages will meet its tunnels one day,
your fountains will rise and motors will pump,
dams will open inside and walls will be washed,
making you wait for 9 months until certificate comes out


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