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Xmas Treat
g542679783, 26 декабря 2012 г., 5:58
Room temperature rises. It gets misty and volcanic eruptions are set alight. He pushes me to the corner of the room. My bra is untied and I can feel it dropping from one end of my shoulder. He looks at me and starts walking towards me holding the remote. The music starts playing, very slowly. I bite my lips as my one hand is caught between my breasts and the other reaches my shoulder.

He reaches me as I drop an ice cube from my lips right between my breasts (to cool myself down). His eyes follow it. I say to myself 'Yes'! Now he seems activated up. His lips reach it as he licks it back up my breasts through my neck back to my lips, then he touches the tip of my lips with his. I feel the room temperature hitting the roof with fire.

I decide to push him away and he falls on the floor balancing with his right arm. His muscles are displayed. I start stripping with the music. My bra goes off. I throw it to him as it lands on his chest. I pull my undies down while working my body passionately with the beats of the music.

He looks hungry as I walk closer. He moves back to the bed. I jump on top of him as I start moving sensationally on him... Something hardens and I sense the atmosphere. He grabs my underwear of, I grab his. He grabs me as my legs go around his back. My hands are on his neck with my nails pressing into his skin. He gives me one last look and it seems dangerous. As I try to open my lips he puts his lips on mine to stop me!

I whisper 'Stop'. I feel the heat. It's ready to be exerted out of me... His temperature is high... His lower part moves back, then forward, then he works his magic! I give him that LOUD scream as I feel a part of him entering me!

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