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First Time
[E]rza, 4 июня 2019 г., 10:54
Saturday is an exciting day to me and to all teens. Suddenly I got a call and saw it's Abby, she invited me to go to a Birthday party to Eric's house, one of my close friends and also my crush of course. In the first place I was excited to go, I felt I had wings.

In Eric's house there were only friends, Abby my best friend, Lea and Harold. And of course me. Friends started to talk while drinking Beer. Suddenly, my eyes rolled left and I saw Eric and felt surprised, he was also staring at me. My heart made jumping sound (dumdum) feeling nervous. I felt sweating, because he was looking really handsome in my eyes. And I couldn't hide my emotion to him.

He started to talk to me and invited me to go to his room. I felt like a robot, I felt I was hypnotized. He was staring at me and slowly he kissed my lips. I didn't know how to react, it was my first time. So, I closed my eyes and kissed. I was so nervous that time, I felt like I was sick and hot.

He pushed me on the bed and started kissing my lips, my neck and removed my clothes and my bra. I felt shy that time he started to hold my breasts and kiss them into top and I felt I was on fire. In my mind I was saying ''More''. He started removing clothes until he was naked. My face blushed the first time I saw that thing very hard.

He kiss me again and I kissed back and closed eyes. Suddenly, he grabbed my undies and took them off. He took apart my legs and started to look in my eyes and kiss me deeply like hungry. He started entering me and I screamed ''Loud'' pain inside, and mixed emotions and feeling came out when he started moving.

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