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The Musician
Lalka_Travilaf, 22 мая 2018 г., 12:50
He was sitting in a bar and drinking coffee with a sullen look when a sexy blonde approached him. 

- Why are you so sad? - suddenly she asked.

- My wife went to friend, - he said.

- I'm Kate, - she smiled and ordered the bartender for a glass of wine.

- Very nice, I'm Dima, - it seems his mood a little better.

They chatted all evening, and Kate suddenly asked: - And who is your friend whom your wife went to? 

- What friend? And, he is a pianist, - Dima answered.

- I have the piano music long fingers, - at the girl and said, - what are you doing in life? 

- I'm a violinist, - Dima smiled.

- Let's go to the ladies room, show me your ''bow'' - beckoned his finger Kate. 

She disappeared from sight. He went to the ladie's room. 
On the way, he heard faint moans from the dressing room. Loud music nullified extraneous noises, but Dima was an experienced musician with excellent hearing. He opened the door a little and saw one of the waitresses serving the visitors, now given to one of them. Holding the shoulders of a hefty bearded man and leaning back against the wall, the waitress glided smoothly on him, held by the strong hands of the partner. Dima did not disturb them and went to meet his adventures.

After 5 minutes, they kissed with Kate in a secluded place, he already took off the girl's panties, accompanied by kisses of her sweet flower. 
Kneeling down, she began to unbutton Dima's pants fly. Freeing from shackles of his ''bow'' she opened her mouth in surprise. 

- God, he's such a great, - excitedly have protorchala Kate and stared at his lips.
Dima raised the girl and turned her ass to him, and then plunged into it. He began moving in her, Kate's clutching his chest with one hand and the other supporting her bottom. Two minutes later, they reached their climax. Have culminicola both she and he.

After another three minutes, they sat at the bar again and drank martinis. 

- And why did your wife leave you? With such a ''bow'' a sin to complain about the man, - Kate sighed enthusiastically.

- Because my ''bow'' was in every skirt, - proudly replied Dima and walked away.

Kate another minute sat rooted to the spot, and then she finally figured that Dima he's a ladies man.

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