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A Boxers Affair
g542679783, 26 ноября 2012 г., 12:21
The pool steps seemed very far, I felt drugged, my head was spinning. I felt his rough hands grab me from behind. I was wearing his shirt and he was wearing his boxer, it was already twilight and we were standing on the balcony kissing about 10 feet away from the pool. We stopped kissing, I looked deep into his eyes and got lost, he found me. He seemed dangerous but I was up for a challenge.

I knew from the start he was a bad boy but I love being challenged. He was very hairy, with regular muscles and a killer smile, it just got you drooling and asking for more. I pretend to be bored, he begins striping soothingly. He moves towards me, I take a few steps back with that sexy walk unhooking my bra, then he rips his shirt off! As I'm left with my lower underwear only, he is completely nude. I take them off as I kneel he goes wet! He grabs me to his thighs, I tie my legs behind his back just above his tight curved butt! 

My hands on his head grabbing him forcefully as we indulges into a sexual combat, it steams up as I lose control and become wild, he holds my slim back tightly as I let go with my hands falling backwards, I feel him seeking deeper into me, I feel him touch where no other man ever touched. We fall onto the side benches, he lands with his back and I land on him as his head between my hands, I start moving slowly as he remarks saying "Harder, harder! Let me feel you babe! Fas-t-e-r!!! " I do as he commands me as I move faster! He grabs me tightly, popping his veins out on all angles. From that moment onward I knew I had done what I came for! What no other woman ever did - satisfy him!

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