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She couldn't be late tonight that was for sure. The pouring rain made her visibility poor as she sped along the dark narrow lanes. Arriving home with not long to spare before she had to be at the party. Removing her clothes she stepped into the shower. The hot water against her cool tanned skin felt amazing. Thinking of meeting him at the party she became slightly aroused. Soaping her body, paying extra attention to the areas that were aching for him. Massaging in her body cream acutely aware of her erect nipples, she began to daydream. The doorbell rang, she wasn't expecting anyone, "who could that be" she said to herself. Grabbing her white silk bath robe she made her way to the front door.

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Keeping the safety lock on she proceeded to open the door. "Hey there, sorry to bother you but my motorcycle has broken down". Standing there in the rain, his shoulder length black hair dripping wet, his face just visible from her porch light. She could see he was very handsome and fit. "Is it possible for me to use your phone for roadside assistance?" The stranger asked. Sceptical but also intrigued she got her mobile phone and passed it out to him. He called and passed the phone back, thanking her. As he walked down her pathway she felt a pang in her stomach.

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"Wait" she shouted. He turned and walked back towards her. "You're welcome to come in out of the rain until they arrive". Why was she saying this? It was not in her character. The gorgeous stranger accepts her invitation and goes inside. She walks to the laundry to get him a towel. Entering her front room she is suddenly aware of his eyes on her body, particulary her genitalia. Looking down unbeknownst to her that her robe has loosened slightly, revealing her sexy, well maintained womanhood.

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Passing him the towel their fingers brush, he takes hold of her hand and pulls her to him. Reluctant at first until she feels his full lips on hers kissing gently. His tongue finds hers, his kisses more passionate and deep. Removing her robe and letting it fall to the floor, exposing her beautiful toned body, perfect breasts with already hard nipples. Soft kisses and nibbles on her neck, then shoulders making his way to her firm boobs. Licking and sucking them forcefully his hand goes below, feeling her smoothness and excitement. Her body shudders with each stroke of his fingers.

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Pulling him up, undressing him quickly, she's more than satisfied by what she sees. Her fingers claw at his chest as she lowers herself to her knees. Taking him in her mouth, tasting all of him, long, slow, deep actions as he holds her head with his hands. Picking her up onto him, her legs wrapped around his waist, he enters her a little, met with her moisture and warmth. Hands grip and hold her sexy bottom as he pushes himself further into her enticing private place. The pace quickens, their bodies in rhythm, hard and fast, moans and the sound of their bodies fill the air.

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Her wetness is apparent on him now adding to the intense feelings of pleasure. Quicker and harder and so deep, he releases himself in her, savoring every thrust. Short spasms engulf them both. They relax and bask in their own satisfaction.

Just then the doorbell rings, retrieving her robe she answers the door. It's roadside assistance. Taking her last looks at him as he dresses, she can't help but smile. A kiss on the cheek and he's walking down her pathway. Closing the door she notes the time, it's late but if she hurries up she can still make the party.

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