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Review to the game Undertale
kaioduartycost, 26 февраля 2019 г., 10:09
Hello, this is Kaio. You probably already played some RPG, right? and Undertale?

Be Final Fantasy, Dark Souls or even Pokemon of Gameboy! Without discarding the classic table RPG, which was present in the childhood/adolescence of many people. An extremely important point about the RPG is the Farm of Level, or Grind (term used in MMO RPG).

This technique consists of defeating several times the enemies of the scenario, in order to be able to level up and pass the phases with more tranquility.

Many find this a fun technique, I even love to do Dark Souls and Pokémon Farm, in fact I spend more time doing it than progressing even in the game (I already came across the first Pokémon Gym boss, with my Pokémon at level 25 ... I'm kind of crazy anyway).

But today's game is different. From time to time, more or less since 2009/2010, many RPGs have been following different ways of playing, whether in mechanics like Yume Nikki, in the graphic horror of Castle Mogeko or in the confusing story of Off. But, this is all different from Undertale, the game that will be the topic of today. Why, Undertale is ...

An RPG where no one needs to get hurt!

If I told you, that all these Grind / farm strategies are totally expendable on Undertale, would you believe it? But what, after all, is Undertale? What is your story and why was this game so successful?

To understand Undertale, we first have to understand how the project started. The developer of the game, Toby Fox, was a big fan of the series Mother games (also known as Earthbound!), Began his career developing Hacks Roms for the games of the series Mother. In these hacks appeared several aspects that would be implemented in Undertale, like the button of pity and the music Megalovania. Toby even went to work making songs for Homestuck!

In the middle of the year 2013, Toby made a project on the Kickstarter to support his original game. On the project page there was a link to download the game demo.
The internet loved Undertale, by the end of the project Toby had ten times the value of the initial goal!
Undertale was released in 2015, in September. It took 2 years to be developed, but the wait was worth it! He had extremely high marks, averaging 9.7 (more than deserved).

Now that we know a little about Undertale, let's talk about the game itself!

''Long ago, two races reigned under the earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS ...''

When starting the game, a prologue is given about the universe of the same. In a distant time, two races ruled the earth in harmony, until a war took place between the two races.

The humans came out victorious and sealed the monsters inside a hill called Mt. Ebbot. Much time has passed since then, legend had it that anyone who climbed Mt. Ebbot would never return. Then, a child ends up climbing and falling into a huge hole, but ends up having their fall cushioned by a bed of golden flowers!

The game starts after the fall, we control a character with a selectable name, that is, you give the name! In the first scene we met an iconic character from the game, Flowey! The flower. He shows up as a friend, but then reveals his true intentions. According to him, in that world it is: ''To kill or to be killed!''.

The most interesting aspect of the game is its gameplay. When Flowey talks to us, we are taken to a little box with a heart inside. This heart is your SOUL, every time you engage in combat, you control that heart, having to divert from what appears inside the box.

The combat system is very simple, we have 4 buttons:

Attack: In it you attack the monster until it no longer wants to fight, or die. Killing is totally optional in Undertale;

Act: You choose an action, as you make them, the Monster reacts in different ways. Depending on what you do, the monster's name will turn yellow so you can save it;

Item: Basic RPG! Here is where your healing, defense and attack items stay;

Pity: In this button you have two options, save and escape. In escaping you abandon the battle, already in saving you show mercy to the monster.

This system of battle was what made Undertale stand out, being something extremely unique. Not to mention that the system of piety goes against the traditional RPG, where you have to kill your opponent. Everything in Undertale can be solved in dialogue!

The graphic is extremely gorgeous, it has all been handmade in the style of 8Bits. The soundtrack is as good as the chart, each song fits very well in the situations and they are very striking. I recommend the song ''Memory''. I consider one of the best songs in the game, even those who have not played have a good feeling listening to it.

ATTENTION! What I'm going to talk about can be considered a spoiler. Ideally, you should play without knowing it, so read this section at your own risk!

The game has a total of 3 finals, one of which changes according to your attitude. The end that everyone gets first is the neutral, but that end may have changes according to the form you played. Did not understand? I explain.

In some game situations, you will have to make the choice to help someone or not, depending on what you do, something will change in a dialogue at the end of the game. The famous ''corridor of judgment.''Not to mention that you can kill or not the main characters, or just get good and not kill anyone.

The second final is the Real Pacifist. They consist of you finishing the game without killing anyone, having made a neutral finish before. If you did all this, then the final boss of the game is only you to relog on your last save and return to the previous room, you will receive a call, so just play the rest of the end!

The third and most somber is the Genocide. While the game in the other finals always has a humor content, leaving the game with a super light and fun air, in the end everything gets more serious. Neither the situations with the character Papyrus, a clumsy skeleton, have grace. To do this end it is necessary to kill ALL the monsters from each area of the game.

A game about humanity, pity and determination!

As Core said in an Undertale video: ''Undertale is not just another RPG with retro graphics.''

It is a lesson about humanity and mercy. Much can be said and exploited of this game, but its key word is: Determination.

Everything revolves around this magic word, from the character's motivation to the reason your soul and your being are alive. The characters are more complex than we imagine, ranging from brothers who are discovering life, to a mother and father still suffering for the loss of their children.

The most important lesson of Undertale, along with that of Determination, is 'without a shadow of a doubt the one of mercy. In this game, all life is important, no one needs to suffer. I'd be lying if I said that Undertale did not change my life, even my first cosplay was Undertale's, this teaching about mercy stuck deep in my heart.

Undertale teaches us that even when we're down deep, when all hope seems to be over, we still do not lose. Even with adversity, after all, you're still you!

So, you can not give up yet! All it takes is a little ... DETERMINATION!

Writted By: Kaio Duarte Costa (@kaioduartycost)

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