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String That Sing
The_Gamer, 14 декабря 2018 г., 11:25
I'm writing this essay to compare and contrast the piano and the guitar. Have you ever thought about what a piano and guitar have in common? Or what is the difference between the piano and guitar?

You may have to look closely to see the similarities, but they are there. Like the piano, the guitar is enclosed in a shiny wooden case. You need to use two hands to play either instrument. Both the piano and guitar have strings that vibrate to make a beautiful sharp and flat notes. The differences between the two instruments are easier to spot, especially by looking in their appearance. While the piano is a large percussion instrument, the guitar is a small flat bodies stringed instrument. There are difference in how the instruments are played too. To play the piano comfortably, you must sit in an upright position so you can reach the keys, with the guitar you can easily sit, stand, or even stroll around while you play. While a piano player makes sounds by pushing on keys, which cause small hammer to hit the string, a guitar player uses his/her hand to strum or pluck the strings.

When I first picked up the piano, I thought I'd be starting from scratch. But it turned out that I was able to transfer some of what I already know about playing the guitar to learn how to play piano. Dont be afraid to try something completely new. You just might be surprised, but you probably know more about it than you think you do.

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