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PUBG - Classic Mode and Arcade Mode
NetFreak, 25 ноября 2018 г., 6:47
PUBG has been one of the most popular games since the time it was unveiled. Its popularity is ever increasing and more and more people await to get a "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner".

The Game has two Modes;
1. Classic Mode
2. Arcade Mode

* Classic Mode - You can play as in individual, partner with someone or become part of a 4 member team. There are 100 people in each round in this mode. The One who survives till the end or whose team survives till the end gets the "Chicken Dinner".

*Arcade Mode - This Mode is a bit more intense as you have to play in a limited area. You can play solo or duo here. There are 28 people in a round in this mode.This Mode is relatively tougher as players get a limited area of the map to play right from the beginning. 
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