Галагазета | THE DIFFERENCE (Part 1)
Adhithiyan, 8 августа 2018 г., 8:24
Let's know the difference between some common things..

1. Mouse and Rat: Mice are about the size of sparrows and Rats are larger, ranging from 18 to 25 cm.

2. Alligators and Crocodiles: Alligators have U-SHAPED snout and Crocodiles have a V-SHAPED snout.

3. Rabbits and Hares: Rabbits give birth to their young in the burrows. Hares give birth above the ground.

4. Tofu and Paneer: Tofu is made of SOY and Paneer is made of MILK.

5. Mushrooms and Toadstools: Mushrooms are EDIBLE and Toadstools are POISONOUS.

lot more to come.
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